Providing a holistic approach to fire safety, we present the Carrier world of innovative and pioneering solutions using products from leading global brands including Edwards, Kidde, GST, Ziton, Aritech and EMS. All brands with long established credentials and expertise in fire detection.

With ever increasing complex buildings, each needing bespoke fire protection, Carrier has the answer. From intelligent buildings, using a number of connected technologies, to smaller business units with less complex requirements, we have the products for each application.

Carrier has fire detection systems that support a single panel with a small number of devices up to networked systems, with many thousands of detectors and call points across a number of buildings. We can provide wired, wireless or hybrid to meet specific and challenging requirements.

We are a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of life safety equipment. With industry-leading brands and products we have pioneered solutions for the modern world borne out of a legacy of knowledge and experience. Whether an intelligent building, or a smart home, we have the solution to protect your people and assets.

Buildings protected by Carrier fire products are now safer and smarter with our world class fire solutions with you, the customer, at the centre of our developments.

To discover more about the Carrier solution that is right for you and your environment use the links below. You can browse by product if you already know what you are looking for.

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Innovation Zone

The Carrier vision of fire safety is paramount when looking at next generation solutions. With class leading products already available and installed across the world we already look to the future.

Whether it is an enhancement of existing technology, or an entirely new concept, it’s in our DNA to develop new, exciting and effective solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges of fire detection and protection. 

Our Research and Development teams across the globe work together to innovate and lead using prevailing knowledge and expertise as well exploring new and emerging technologies. Tomorrows technology is already available today and this “Innovation Zone is your  window to what’s new.

Fire Detection

Carrier fire detection solutions are available across all sectors, from residential up to business estates or universities with many buildings and then large projects such as airports or transportation hubs with complex requirements.

Our expertise and experience have allowed us to develop specific solutions for each requirement, from the world-renowned Kidde “standalone” detector range to the Edwards EST cutting edge system providing mass notification and intelligent detection across multiple systems/buildings.