For smaller buildings there is the newly launched SmartCell wireless system which can be installed in less than a day. All new technology with optional communications module for instant updates and alarms directly to you phone by text or email.

With innovative features SmartCell is the defacto choice when deciding on the best  protection and the best value. 

Detectors with smoke and heat detection, sounder and EN54-23 visual alarm device in one unit with a three-year battery life. Sounders with 32 different tones and adjustable volume as well as a software tool that can adjust, modify and test the system and all devices either from the protected location or remotely from anywhere in the world.

SmartCell also provides a myriad of non-fire uses, for instance imagine getting alarms from on-site equipment such as heating and ventilation or flood alarms directly to your phone or even your 3rd party support company!