Keeping track of device maintenance requirements on multiple systems can be a challenge without well kept records that are always kept up-to-date.

This can be time consuming and it can be a challenge to meet the local country regulation (if applicable) with regard to detector replacement times. However, help is at hand.

PCC (Configuration Utility) version is available for the 2010-2 platform - covering all channels (Aritech: 2X, Ziton: ZP2 & Kilsen: KFP-A). This version includes improvements specifically with:

  • Installation Date Feature: This feature has been introduced for our customers (installer, maintainer, end-user) to help manage their device (eg. detector) replacement / servicing within the system – using PCC (Configuration Utility). This new feature allows users to:
    • Define/apply an installation date for all devices with a specific value at the same time or alternatively can be defined/applied per each device
    • Identify age (i.e. running period) of the device
    • Customizable device expiration/replacement time-period
    • Customizable advance warning/reminder time-period (i.e. before expiry / replacing needs to be done).
    • Generate reports for expired devices that need replacement
    • Note: New language strings have been translated into Italian and Spanish (in addition to English). Other languages will follow in subsequent releases.
  • Now available – summarized number of devices in use and total number of devices (in “Devices” screen) – without having to open / go-into each loop

If you want to benefit from the above enhancements, please contact the Carrier technical support team. They will provide the latest version for your immediate deployment.

Regional Sales contacts

Please contact your local Carrier Fire & Security Account Manager if you have any questions or require more information