Colorful details around the clock

Experience a visibility that surpasses traditional IP cameras with the TruVision™ full color IP cameras.

The cameras can produce full color video day and night, allowing for clearer and more accurate identification of people and objects in the field of view.

The built-in supplemental white light ensures that even in complete darkness, the cameras can generate clear and usable footage.

The full color camera range is reliable and advanced providing high quality, full color video footage to identify and detect potential threats or incidents even in remote, nocturnal environments.

Full color cameras: user benefits

Maximum image details 24/7

  • Advanced sensor with large aperture for vivid color images, even when there is no light. Detects people, vehicles, animals and other objects even in the middle of the night in isolated places.
  • In complete darkness the built-in white light can be used to make sure no details are missed.

A multitude of applications

  • Upgrade your video system and replace your traditional day/night cameras to have full color video footage 24/7.
  • Use the colors to identify your intruder: A blue jacket? A black car? That can now be revealed in the dark.
  • The cameras also provide the possibility to deter intruders with the built-in alarm strobe light and speaker; scare them away by letting them know you are watching.

Smart Features

  • Person/vehicle classification makes it easier to detect what is needed and trigger the right notification.


  • 4MP and 8MP resolution
  • Bullet, Dome, Turret, Wedge models
  • White Light as “free” floodlight
  • Up to 60m built-in white light
  • Varifocal and fixed lens models
  • Integrated strobe light*
  • Integrated speaker*
  • Plugin free browser support

*on select models

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