The cornerstone of video security projects

We are pleased to announce the brand-new version 9.2 of TruVision Navigator video management. More open, more secure: everything you’ve been asking for!

What makes TruVision Navigator stand out?

  • It offers a long list of features to monitor your video system, free of charge!
  • It is a solution that is easy to install, to configure and it even includes a system set-up wizard in case of doubt.
  • It is not only a feature-rich and intuitive video management system, it truly is an integrated security system that also covers IFS network equipment, ZeroWire and xGen intrusion panels for a complete security system software.
  • It gives the benefit to have eyes everywhere, and not only on the videos: tampering monitor, on/offline device check, health diagnostic report, IFS network switch integration with PoE control and port status monitoring… and much more.
  • It has a user-friendly interface, so that anyone trusted can take control of the system: no need to be a software developer to master the different functionalities of TruVision Navigator.

What’s new with the 9.2 version?

Our goal is to ensure the smoothest and most complete experience with TruVision.

The new version 9.2 of the software is more open, with the new integration of the Zenitel IP speakers, and more secure, with the IPv6 support and the new Secure SDK connection.

We continuously work on improving the security of our devices and solutions, as cybersecurity is a major pillar of our value proposition at Aritech, and we favor openness to make our ecosystem an easy part of the day-to-day life of our customers.

New features

  • Integration of Zenitel IP speakers
  • IPv6 support for enabled recorders and cameras
  • Secure SDK communication
  • Enhanced License Plate search:
    • Enabled license plate search for vehicle color using latest ANPR cameras
    • Enabled license plate notifications for latest ANPR cameras with addition metadata on vehicle color
  • Introduced ability to upload camera configuration for latest recorders (TVN12) using CSV files from Device Manager
  • Improved client-server communication for enhanced security during data transmission
  • People Counting Capabilities added for P-Series cameras.

This release also includes other improvements and fixes; please refer to the release notes linked on the right side for more details.

Where to find TruVision Navigator 9.2?

For the full set of features and to download the software, please visit the page of TruVision Navigator by click on the useful links at the right side of this page.


Due to its scalability, TruVision Navigator can be used for single sites or multi sites with central management and a low number of operators.

Ideal for medium sized commercial applications like retail stores and supermarkets, it can also be used for hospitals, banks, schools, warehouses and other industrial sites and offices.