We are pleased to introduce SR 8.2, the new UltraSync Service release, including TVN12 additional features.

UltraSync Connected Services: the sky is the limit

UltraSync Connected Services make it easier for our customers to handle alarms, network issues, and maintenance by offering them a set of features to perform these interventions remotely and have a full view of their installation base in the cloud.

The UltraSync cloud is hosted in Europe, to ensure the maximum security of our customers data.

UltraSync Connected Services: SR8.2 new features

In our continuous effort to improve our products and provide more features and capabilities, we are pleased to announce the availability of a new service release for UltraSync Connected Services.

This latest version offers a wide range of additional features, providing you with even more possibilities, along with enhanced interface improvements that ensure easier navigation for all users.

These improvements and additions are also featured in the latest version of the UltraSync+ app (V2.24.0) for both iOS and Android, which is available to download since July 31st. The new portal is also deployed on production.

User benefits

  • Easier to use
  • Improved design
  • Additional functionalities in line with the promises of UltraSync evolution

What is new with UltraSync 8.2 and in TVN12/TVRMobile?

UltraSync Cloud

  • Better look and feel
  • Health report “on demand”
  • Link request to a CMS for dealers
  • UltraSync+ Application evolution
  • Additional improvements impacting internal support

TVN12 and TVR Mobile additional features

The new firmware of the TVN12 and new version of TVRMobile contain new features and bug fixes.

  • Remote recorder webpage access for installers via the UltraSync portal with access approval by the end-user in TVRMobile
  • Password reset of ‘admin’ user via the UltraSync portal
  • Recorder System Events reporting from a TVN12 to a CMS
  • Firmware Upgrade notification to end-users in TVRMobile and direct firmware download on recorder
  • QR code for UltraSync contains both SID and SCI code
  • Support for enhanced/Secured SDK
  • User management possible by a non-admin user
  • Disabled Actions: set-up for specific event-actions


  • TVN12: the firmware, updated multilingual Operator Guide and updated user manual (in English) are available on our website. The user manual translations in other languages is ongoing.
  • TVRMobile: the updated app is available on the Apple store and Google Play store. The user manual is available on the website.

UltraSync+ Application V2.24.0

With these new updates on the UltraSync software release, we updated the UltraSync+ app to make sure that users benefit from all the improvements.

For more information about UltraSync, check the link on the right side of this page in the useful links section.