Aritech products are recognized for their reliability, durability and innovation. Providing integrated solutions offers multiple benefits for the installer, the service engineer and the user. Advisor  Advanced offers a user friendly, efficient and secure solution.


One installation

The Advisor Advanced system fully integrates intrusion detection and access control. Installing one solution instead of two separate systems is quick and cost effective, it increases flexibility, security, and functionality, and requires less training for both the installer and the end-user.

EN Certified & 4G connectivity

Advisor Advanced is a EN Grade 3 certified integrated intrusion detection and access control solution capable of being remotely managed and serviced, even over a 4G connection. This capability is quite unique in the market.

Remote Management & Maintenance

Remote Management & Maintenance

The ability to perform remote service & maintenance helps to serve the customer faster, configure and diagnose the system remotely, and reduce the number of urgent on-site interventions, all to the benefit of the total cost of ownership. Advisor Advanced offers this with EN50131 Grade 3 certification.

Single cable architecture

Advisor Advanced uses a single cable architecture, reducing the cable distance, and simplifying diagnosis and trouble shooting. Elements that have an impact on cost effectiveness of the solution.

3 times badging

3 times badging

Access control readers connected to the Advisor Advanced system can have more than one function. A simple card swipe can open the door while swiping your card 3 times on the same reader can activate a different functionality. Example : arming the intrusion system and turning off the lights.

User management

Managers value Advisor Advanced for the clever interactions possible between intrusion detection and access control. It results in less training, less user errors and easy verification thanks to a unique time stamp for both intrusion and access events.

Reducing user errors

Combining intrusion detection with access control can avoid the use of a PIN code, pushing the wrong buttons on a keypad, or getting access to rooms or areas without proper access rights. Access is only granted when all parameters are checked, resulting in a reduction of user mistakes.

User experience

With a simple card swipe, a set of parameters like access rights, time schedule, and the rights to unset a partition of the intrusion system are checked before a door lock is released. Effective and user-friendly.