In extreme environments - such as dirty environments, cold environments, large volumes such as warehouses and high spaces such as atria - point detectors cannot always detect fire early enough to avoid severe damage. For these environments, a different solution is required, such as aspirating smoke detectors

Aspirating smoke detectors are extremely sensitive to smoke and can differentiate smoke from dust. In addition, because air is actively drawn to the detector, it is able to pick up smoke much earlier than point detectors, including at the smoldering stage. As a result, it is able to overcome the challenges of stratification and humidity. It is also ideal for correctional facilities where vandalism may be a problem.

Carrier has a market leading range of aspirating detectors, with unique features to help detect a fire early and reliably. Please click on the links to find out more


There are three software packages available to help you get the most out of your system

PipeCad - Design software to make your system design easier, which is even better than before with:

  • Multiple detectors per floor
  • One file per site 
  • Revamped graphics
  • Real 3D view
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Improved drawing environment

Remote: Software that is able to provide remote connectivity to provide

  • Easy configuration via computer
  • Remote diagnostics

ATS8600: Software that provides enhanced connectivity for:

  • Providing integration & monitoring
  • Integrates, intrusion, video and access control, as well as other fire products