The way to go… towards secure communication


The new ATS7340 enhances Advisor Advanced Series intrusion panels’ connectivity. The new communicator supports connection over 4G networks, with a fallback option to 3G and 2G where 4G networks are not available.

ATS7340 communicator

ATS7340 communicator

ATS7340 communicator is designed with cyber security in mind. The modem selected for this communicator module has cyber security features built into its native firmware. The firmware and the components used in the module are also improved.

What does it bring you ?

Modern technology

In Europe, more and more countries are announcing 2G and 3G network shutdowns. In the near future, many IoT devices will need to move to modern networks, including 4G. 4G networks have no shutdown dates announced in Europe as of today, therefore by installing a 4G communicator you ensure long-term connectivity of your panel with the same hardware.

SIM option

Would you like to offer “connectivity as a service” to your end-users? You can order ATS7340-SIM, which comes along with a SIM card in it. The SIM card, once activated, offers connectivity without intervention from the end user. We bill our installers periodically, and the installers bill their customers for the service provided.

High performance

Alarm reporting

ATS7340 achieves SP5 over LTE when reporting to OH servers, and DP4 when reporting over IP (primary) and LTE (backup) to OH servers - highest grades defined in EN50136. This enables reaching EN50131 Grade 3 with Advisor Advanced panels, and go beyond Grade 3 requirements.


The faster upload and download of configuration enables the remote configuration of panels, that are connected only via ATS7340 communicator. This helps you extend the number of panels in your installed base that you can remotely configure.



Combined with the UltraSync connectivity, the communicator helps provide diagnostics data, device connectivity management and improved connectivity support.

The communicator gives you the option to use UltraSync as your connection path, but also the flexibility to connect direct-IP and stay in your corporate network if you wish so.


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