Different buildings have different security aspects to consider. Whether it be a school, kindergarten, elderly care home, library, museum, maintenance department, theatre, swimming pool or town hall. With municipality officials or employees requiring access to one or multiple sites, user and access management can be a challenge. 

The solutions we can bring

The solutions we can bring

The Advisor Advanced intrusion and access control solution and the TruVision video surveillance solution can both be tailored to handle small, medium-sized and large buildings. They have all the flexibility built-in to be used in any of these configurations and to be managed remotely with one central user database.

Linking these sites together provides multiple benefits. One solution overlooking multiple sites, one user interface for all buildings, training on just one system, less user mistakes, one central user database, easy to add or remove a user for multiple sites, increased security.


Advisor Advanced is suitable for small buildings with very basic needs up to complex sites which require integrated intrusion and access control.  Security or facility managers can configure access levels for each building and for every category of user such as temporary workforce, employees, municipality officials, police officers, fire station officers, guards and visitors. All can be done using the AT8600 or C4 Management Software platform.

The same is valid for the TruVision video surveillance solution being able to connect multiple sites, large and small and with the full flexibility of multi-screen and multi-site views.

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