Door control is a vital element in assuring fire safety in any building. Carrier has a range of options including a wireless variant to meet the current standard BS7273:4.

How to meet BS:7273-4 2015 and what do I need to comply?

  1. BS:7273-4 is the code of practice for the operation of fire protection measures :- Part 4: Actuation of release mechanisms for doors and was published on 30 June 2015.
  2. It is an update on the original 2007 version and for clarification BS:7273-4: 2015 is about the operation and release of electronically controlled fire doors.  It gives recommendations on how to unlock, release or open doors in the event of fire or fire related incident. All door controllers must meet this code.
  3. Controllers should be linked to the fire control panel and fully monitored, with faults identified and reported to the panel in accordance with regulatory timings

Wireless Door Controller – WDC for any Fire System

Carrier has developed two compliant controllers, the first is a universal wireless variant that is cost effective and quick to install.

The WDC meets the requirements of EN54-25, the European standard for wireless fire products which guarantees the reliability and robustness of each device. It features a 5-year battery life and is fully integrated into the fire system and can be programmed to meet any localised “cause and effect” requirements.

With no cable, no external power supply and no additional relays the WDC is simply installed to the door and then connected wirelessly to the fire system.

It a universal controller so can be fitted to any system, addressable or conventional and integrates into any protocol with the addition of a low-cost wireless interface (contact for specific information).

Each wireless interface can support up to 31 door controllers and has the added functionality, if needed, to support other wireless fire devices including EN54-23 Visual Alarm Devices. 

  • Full system integration – no false activation unless fire panel operates
  • 3rd party certified
  • No cables, relays, power supplies
  • 5-year battery life (Alkaline)
  • Fast installation
  • Cost savings
  • EMS wireless technology

Wired Door Controller – ZPDC for Ziton Fire Systems

This is a pre-wired solution that sits on the Ziton loop via terminals within the controller. It comprises of approved components to allow control of ancillary systems and equipment (ASE) from fire detection and alarm system according to BS:7273 as referenced in BS:5839.

It has been designed and engineered with door control as the primary function but can also be used for other on-site services/systems including gas valves, smoke/vent control and lifts that need activation/deactivation in an emergency condition.

One ZPDC can control and operate multiple doors depending on local requirements. it’s a self-contained solution which is quick and easy to install and remain compliant.