The 2019 report from the European Banking Federation’s Physical Security Working Group shows a significant increase in the total number of attacks on ATMs in comparison with the previous report.

Besides the losses to banks in cash and infrastructure, there are often damages to surrounding buildings and machines.

Source:The EBF 2019 Report on incidents against bank infrastructure and staff (Physical Security Report)

The solutions we can offer

The solutions we can offer

The ATM room needs to have restricted access and refilling the ATMs needs to be executed in line with the bank’s procedures.

Access control with interlocking doors and linked with video surveillance enables the central station to monitor the refilling sequence remotely and act when required.

Time delayed opening of an ATM can only be done when the door of the ATM room is locked and when the number of people in the room is in line with the bank’s procedure.

Outside office hours, sensors will detect and inform of any suspicious event


Advisor Advanced is a fully integrated access control and intrusion detection solution that enables smart interactions and links with the TruVision video surveillance systems.

Time delayed opening, interlocking doors functionality, people counting solution, and remote video verification can work seamlessly together to ensure security protocols are met. The flexibility of the Advisor Advanced solution includes macro-logic capabilities to tailor the system to the needs of the financial institution.

Aritech seismic sensors, anti-masking volumetric sensors and people counting cameras can detect deviations from the standard situation and alert the central station.  

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