For bank branches where cash handling is everyday business, employee security is a continuing undertaking. Security procedures help to reduce aggression or early morning robbery.

For open, cashless bank branch concepts, the aim is to be more welcoming and build a closer relation with the customer with little or no physical barriers. The change to a bank branch model more in line with customer needs can come with different security procedures.

The solutions we can offer

Branches located in higher risk areas can be opened remotely, preventing bank employees from the need to carry the keys of the local bank branch. Via a remote video verification session, access can be granted from the central monitoring station.

For situations of aggression and situations whereby employees are locked up in a room, wired or wireless panic buttons allow to send a silent alarm to the monitoring station so proper action can be taken after a video verification sequence.


TruVision Navigator software allows to select several multi-screen views to verify remotely if a bank branch can be opened safely. The link between the video system and the Advisor Advanced intrusion detection and access control solution enables to open the branch safely and remotely.

Specific bank branch disarm procedures can be configured in the Advisor Advanced system, that will increase employee security by detecting a deviation from the defined way to open a branch.

When a panic button is triggered, the central monitoring station can assess the situation by remote viewing the TruVision cameras, alert the police forces when necessary and send them the watermarked video footage for evidence purposes.

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