Banks are always looking to improve their services and optimize cost.   Smaller local branches can benefit from the support of a larger regional branch with a bigger team, specialist knowledge and expertise, the so called ‘hub and spoke’ model. Moving to a changed model comes with changing needs and different security procedures.

The security solution of choice must respond to the requirements of a larger regional branch and a small local one.

The solutions we can offer

Implementing changing requirements, security protocols, configurations and updates can be done remotely over a secured and encrypted communication platform. Remote management and remote service reduces the number of urgent on-site visits with a positive effect on the speed of interventions combined with a cost efficiency effect.

The remote service can be realized over the banks’ secured network or using the 4G encrypted connectivity, completely separated from the IP connection used for alarm transmission. This to ensure cybersecurity.


ATS855x Remote Service & Maintenance software allows to diagnose, configure and service multiple sites remotely reducing the need for on-site interventions substantially and making these less urgent. The connectivity can be realized via IP or via the ATS7340 module communicating over 4G networks, with a 3G/2G fallback option when the 4G coverage would temporarily not be available.

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