Since 1872 Edwards™ has led the way with innovative fire detection and alarm solutions that make built space today as safe from fire as it’s ever been.

Edwards & Company was founded by Robert Edwards & David Rousseau over 140 years ago to explore the new phenomenon of "Electricity" and to manufacture, sell and install battery-operated gas-fixture igniters.  In 1881, Robert Edwards obtained his first patent for an electric bell. Other patents quickly followed: a drop-type annunciator (1882); an electric gas burner lighter for push-button operation (1883); and an electric door opener (1884). 

Since then, the Edwards name has been associated with a rich history of accomplishments. From economical hardwired control panels, to high-end life safety and emergency communications platforms, this legacy of inventiveness and uncompromising quality has distinguished Edwards’ life safety systems as the technologies of choice among building owners and designers the world over.