Highly accurate magnetic contact sensors provide reliable detection of unwanted activity. Aritech  offers a wide selection of wired and wireless options, from discreet, low-profile models to heavy-duty sensors with rugged housings for the most robust applications. All models are designed to install quickly and easily for complete security that’s convenient and cost-effective. The strength and type of components in magnetic contacts determine the performance. Carrier magnetic contacts are used in different challenging environments reducing the risk on nuisance alarms. Carrier magnetic contacts are developed to last long and provide high reliability thanks to the specific reed switches that are used. Depending on the type of installation, and application, a wide array of magnetic contacts are available to address specific issues.

Surface mount

The reed switch and magnet are mounted parallel to each other using the surface-mount housing. Surface-mounted contacts can be used for application in such areas as steel fire doors, file cabinets, etc.

Recessed mount

Recessed magnetic door switches are made with the same magnetic reed switches used for surface-mount alarm contacts. Instead of a rectangular housing, recessed alarm contacts have a cylindrical case. This makes them easy to install simply by drilling a hole.

Overhead contacts

These are often used in rigorous environments of commercial and industrial applications. The low profile housing of the floor mount unit, containing reed switches, are encased in a specific potting material, preventing damage due to moisture or humidity. Heavy duty versions are also available for heavy doors, shutters and gates.


Specialty contacts are used for specific or special applications such as gates, fences, bill trap, plunger.