ModuLaser has been developed using the extensive and in-depth experience gained from the Carrier range of ASD solutions in current use as well as legacy products. This innovation is the culmination in leveraging the wide-ranging knowledge and data acquired over many years which had led to the development of ModuLaser.

An entirely new product platform which takes the information gained from our customers and fuses it with new technology to take ASD to a new level. Using the existing Carrier patented know-how, ModuLaser was created from the ground up to include all the best of the current products and then to add the innovation that makes ModuLaser the next generation solution.

With the integration of the “ClassiFire” detection algorithm, laser dust discrimination and our waste gate technology, ModuLaser has its roots firmly in reliability and accuracy making this the best decision you will ever make when considering ASD as a solution.

Using a “modular” approach and a docking station method of installation ModuLaser is not only simple to deploy but fully scalable, from a single detector to multi-detector network. Using the newly developed SenseNET+ integration with fire systems is both simple and informative with addressable plug-in cards (APIC) interfaces available in a number of widely used protocols. Backward compactivity with our previous platforms was of course a primary objective and its possible for all Carrier ASD to co-exist seamlessly to provide the ultimate in protection no matter how large the building or buildings are.

At the heart of the ModuLaser concept is the Modular design which is based on a universal backplate or docking station. This supports all four modules which make up a ModuLaser system.

  • Detector Module
  • Minimum Display Module
  • Display Module
  • Display Module with Command Module

See "Useful links" for more information.

Using intuitive “wizards” for both installation and maintenance as well as new software developments for designing schemes ModuLaser is considered to be one of the easiest systems to work with despite its high levels of technology.

Our “PipeCad” software is instinctive in use with assistance at every step of the design process allowing designers to “model” systems and plan pipework for the greatest protection, yet minimise cost by best use of the ModuLaser features.

The unique ModuLaser approach allows detectors to be individually located at the aera of risk minimising pipework runs whilst maximising protection. With a pipework length up to 250meteres per detection module there are a number of different ways to approach any application

Information is provided on a full colour screen (depending on module chosen) in a clear and concise style, with a vast 20,000 event log per module so historical data can be kept and analysed as required.

As you would expect control over fan speed and alarm levels is fully customisable and with an operating temperature range of -10° to 60° C ModuLaser can be utilised in almost any environmental conditions including those where ASD may not have been a consideration previously.

Typical environments and applications include:

  • Clean rooms and laboratories
  • Server/data/telecommunication rooms
  • Switch rooms and power generation plants
  • Custodial suites and detention areas
  • Cold storage and refrigeration storage
  • Heritage properties
  • Warehousing and storage facilities
  • Record and document libraries
  • Transportation and transit hubs
  • Healthcare facilities including operating theatres
  • Theatres and cinemas
  • Atriums
  • General accommodation including retail, hospitality, offices and residences
  • Recycling and waste plants
  • Paper and flour mills
  • Manufacturing
  • Aircraft hangers, storage along with airports and supporting infrastructure

Whilst not an exhaustive list this indicates the diversity of where ModuLaser would be the ideal solution.