The “next generation” Pulsar MCP has arrived. Moving away from the traditional method of mechanical addressing Pulsar has introduced RFID to save both time and money. Each MCP is delivered pre-addressed but can be changed either individually or as a system using RFID which takes no more than a few seconds.

Couple this with a new approach to the overall design. Whilst meeting the standards stipulated, in terms of size and operation, our research and development strived to change current thinking. This has been achieved with the launch of Pulsar.

For instance, using a unique multi-colour LED layout, full information on each MCP can be gained immediately, even from a side view along a corridor with safety cover attached and closed!

This LED configuration goes further than just fire and/or fault, and using full colour, it can indicate other conditions that may be present.

This is the first RFID fire device which will be followed by an entire range of ActivSense products, so a universal RFID reader is available from us to add to your toolkit.

To make Pulsar even easier to install, maintain and service there is a dedicated Android app, ActivSense Mobile Suite (AMS), which is free to download to your phone or tablet.

AMS together with the ActivSense RFID tool, allows a fire alarm engineer to configure, set up, commission, test and maintain an EN54 approved fire detection using ActivSense life safety devices.

With a wide range of functionally many tasks can be completed using the app.

For example:

  • Device address - where each device is connected to a fire alarm loop
  • Text labels - describing the physical location of the product
  • Zone numbers - for controlling evacuation
  • Zone labels - describing the area in the building where the device is located
  • Operating profiles - determining the performance of the device
  • Date & time - setting up the real time clock of the device etc. can be written to the device
  • Service information including date of installation, last service, event history, configuration parameters

Pulsar MCP is the first step to changing the way fire devices are viewed, innovation and evolution ensuring safety and offering convenience.