The beginning of a journey

The TruVision Network recorder series TVN12 is a versatile recorder ideal for small-scale video projects.

Now with the newly added integration to the UltraSync cloud network, the recorder can be managed remotely through the TVRMobile app and benefits from all the UltraSync features and add-ons coming up!

With different recording options, channel capacities and hard drives, the TVN12 is one of the most flexible and efficient recording devices in our portfolio.

TVN12 and UltraSync cloud: the beginning of a journey

The value of our favorite duo

  • Now  you can add the recorders to the TVRMobile app with the ease of UltraSync connectivity
  • Now  the TVN12 recorders connected to UltraSync can send push notifications to TruVision TVRMobile app users
  • Now  no need to configure port forwarding or VPN – removes complications with building IT policy
  • Now  you can see the recorder in your connected devices on the UltraSync portal

The only requirement is the installer needs to register the recorder on the UltraSync portal.

Upcoming features are in development and the possibilities of the recorder with UltraSync will continuously evolve. Stay on the lookout for updates!

TVRMobile explained

TVRMobile is the TruVision video surveillance mobile application – here is what it does in 5 points:

  • Allows you to monitor and interact with TruVision video surveillance equipment from anywhere;
  • Users can view up to 16 channels of live video or playback up to four video channels;
  • TVRMobile can record video and/or store snapshots directly to your mobile device;
  • provides intuitive features and controls such as swipe PTZ camera control, landscape mode, snapshots, and favorites to make accessing video quick and easy;
  • Supports alarm notifications that alert you in real time of events directly to your phone or tablet.

TVRMobile is available on Google Play store and Apple App store. Make sure you update the application with the latest version to benefit from the connection to UltraSync.



The TVN12 series of recorders are ideal for small installations, for example residential, small stores (bakery, jewelry, cosmetics) and mid-level commercial, such as small retail shops or bank branches.


  • Connection to UltraSync
  • New look: new OSD/Web UI/new front panel
  • Edge Failover recording
  • Up to 6 TB HDD models
  • 4/8/16 channel with/without PoE
  • Supports new M / S / P series IP cameras: people/vehicle events and H.265+ encoding
  • Thermal camera support (S series)
  • 8MP max resolution supported (up to 4MP real time recording)
  • Dual-stream recording (on the 8 and 16-channel models)

For the full set of features, please visit the TVN12 product web pages.

How does the recorder show in UltraSync? Let’s zoom on the interface to show you how it works

How does the recorder show in UltraSync? Let’s zoom on the interface to show you how it works

Overview of Installed recorders

  • Once the recorder is installed, the installer adds it to the UltraSync portal
  • The full list of installed recorders can be accessed on the portal, as shown in this example
  • The status of the recorders is displayed, with green and red color scheme as an indication of their connection to the network

Visibility on the operational status

From the above list of devices, when a recorder is selected, the properties of the device are displayed such as:

  • SID (MSN)
  • Model name
  • Device date/time
  • Firmware version
  • Status (online/offline)
  • Client connections (#)
  • Connectivity status & IP
  • Name, channel number, IP and status of each connected camera

Future services are in development for a constant improvement! Reach out to your local representative to know more about it.