Wireless Zone Monitor (WZM) – Add wireless fire detection to virtually any addressable or conventional system, whatever the manufacturer or protocol

The wireless zone monitor or WZM has been developed using the exclusive SmartCell technology developed by EMS, leaders in wireless fire detection evolution.

With wireless fire detection being deployed in many new buildings a solution to add this technology to existing systems become an important issue. The question of compatibility has been addressed and with the launch of the WZM there is now a path to adding wireless to any system and any protocol, addressable or conventional and non-brand specific.

So, whatever system you have you can now add up to 16 wireless fire devices per WZM! How many WZM’s? How many additional devices do you need?

And with SmartCell technology a single device can incorporate a smoke and heat detector (fully configurable) a sounder (with 32 tones) and an EN54-23 certified Visual Alarm Device (VAD) – All powered by battery providing a minimum of 3 years working life in normal usage.

No power is required from the loop so adding VAD’s or sounders, which usually restrict the number of available devices due to power requirements, is now easy and unrestricted. Yes, that’s up to 16 VAD’s per WZM without power being taken from the host control panel.

Using either a 230Vac or 24Vdc WZM allows systems to be expanded beyond their loop capabilities and adding a number of devices to cover a new area or risk can be achieved almost instantly with wireless devices being installed in less than 10 minutes each.

Imagine, no need to add additional loops or perhaps even a new panel, no running cable and no need to calculate loop loads.

WZM’s are also a new way to design a system. Run cables to each floor and then a WZM to provide wireless detection/protection across the floor area.